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08/30/2013 - Heat Treating Calcium Silicate and Cement Board Materials

Suggested Heat Treating Cycle for Calcium Silicate and Cement Boards

Red Seal has added a suggested heat treating cycle for its Calcium Silicate and Cement Boards to the redseal.com website.  The document can be accessed below and also via the Literature option on the web site’s home page. 

The Calcium Silicate boards include Marinite P and Marinite I.  Although Marinite A is also a calcium silicate board, it is heat treated by the manufacturer, BNZ Materials.  Cement boards requiring heat treatment include Transite HT and Transite 1000 also from BNZ. 

The procedure slowly increases the temperature of the material over a 10 or more hour period and then slowly allows the material to cool.  In the process, any moisture in the binding materials is slowly evaporated.  Heating the material rapidly (to say 1100 degrees F) will cause a rapid expansion of any moisture contained in the binders and may lead to cracking and cause the material to smoke.

Suggested Heat treating Cycle for Calcium Silicate and Cement Boards