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Super Firetemp L

Super Firetemp L is an inorganic, high temperature insulation and passive fire protection barrier. It can be used as insulation in ovens, processing equipment, pipe supports, precipitators, and other high temperature applications.
Super Firetemp L can be used for fire protection of structural supports such as steel or concrete columns, tank legs, electric circuits, ventilation ducts, and other assemblies that require exceptional performance such as walls. Super Firetemp L is non combustible and can be used for the reduction of clearance to combustibles.

Super Firetemp L can be V-grooved and installed on tanks and vessels as a thermal insulation and as a fire barrier for compliance to many UL, NFPA, API, and other specifications. It is easily cut and fabricated using standard carpentry tools. Super Firetemp L has been tested in many assemblies using the normal building fire test methods and using the hydrocarbon fire test methods.

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Firetemp SFL is a registered trademark of Johns Manville

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