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Designed for use at high temperature, while retaining strength and integrity over years of mechanical and thermal abuse.
H91 Advantages
H91 is manufactured from alumina and portland cements, high temperature fillers and binders and has the additional benefit of dispersible glass fibers as reinforcing agents.
H91 Physical Properties
Size 37" X 49" sheet in thicknesses from 1/4" to 3"
Density 120 pcf
Operating Temp 1292º F/700º C
Compressive Strength 16,675 psi ambient 15,310 psi (24 hrs @ 700º F) 14,020 psi (24 hrs @ 1000º F)
Electrical Strength 1.83 Kv/mm in air @ 200° F
Thermal Conductivity
btu in/hr ft² ºF

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H91 is a registered trademark of Tenmat

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