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Marinite P

A non-asbestos, incombustible self-supporting board that provides high insulating values, fire safety and exceptionally high compressive strength.

Marinite P Advantages
Formed from calcium silicate with inert fillers and reinforcing agents, Marinite P panels provide structural strength and thermal insulation properties in a single material.

Marinite P Applications
Possible applications include platen press operations, foundry core pallets and backup insulation for rotary kilns and steel ladles.

Marinite P Physical Properties
Thickness 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2", 2"
Density 60 pcf
Max Operating Temp 1800º F
Compressive Strength 3050 psi - for 5% deformation
Thermal Conductivity
btu in/ft², hr,ºF
1.13 (400º F) 1.16 (800º F) 1.17 (1000º F)

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Marinite is a registered trademark of BNZ Materials, Inc.

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