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Proprietary Line

Red Seal Electric manufactures a proprietary line of low voltage insulating devices. Applications include open overhead wiring, overhead crane electrification systems and other indoor or outdoor applications requiring fiberglass polyester reinforced standoff insulators.

Strain Insulator Assembly
Strain Insulators with suitable hardware are used to support electrical cables such as feeder lines in industrial plants.

Molded Fiberglass Polyester Insulator
For indoor or outdoor applications. Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to interchange with porcelain and phenolic types.

Dead Ending Unit
Assembly consists of a strain clamp, strain insulator and optionally, a molded fiberglass cover. Used at dead-end of cable to strain up cable.

Crane Rail Support
Designed for supporting conventional ASCE rail sections when used as contact rail conductors.

Cable Support
Rugged fabricated cable supports available in single or multiple hole cable arrangements that insure trouble-free operation on open wiring installations.

Malleable cast iron, cadmium plated clevises, eyebolts, strain clamps and solid brass crane rail booster cable clamps.

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