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Scotch Ply cured panel line has been renamed CYPLY®

Effective March 30, 2001, Cytec Engineered Materials purchased certain composite lines and related assets from the 3M Corporation, including the Scotch Ply® and Thermabond® product lines.  The former Scotch Ply cured panel line has been renamed CYPLY®, the Scotch Ply prepreg line renamed CYCOM®, and the Thermabond line renamed CYFORM®.

All product formulations and processing techniques have been successfully transferred to Cytec Engineered Materials, and all critical manufacturing equipment has been transferred to Cytec Engineered Materials facilities.  Production of the above products has been successfully transferred to Cytec facilities.  The only major piece of equipment not transferred was the press, which has been replaced by a new press installed in our Winona, Minnesota facility.  The new press should allow certain process improvements and increased processing flexibility in developing the next generation of products.

All of the CYPLY, CYCOM, and CYFORM products will retain the same individual product designations as before (i.e. CYPLY 1002 FP 519; CYCOM 1003; and CYFORM RJ 1000).  Product formulations, processing techniques, and finished product properties have not been changed and products produced at Cytec facilities have demonstrated equivalency to 3M produced materials.

Cytec Engineered Materials is a leading supplier of advanced adhesives and composites worldwide, to both commercial and military aerospace, as well as to industrial, automotive, and sporting goods applications.

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