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Thermalate H320

A specially engineered fiber glass reinforced thermoset polyester composite.
Thermalate H320 Advantages
High heat resistance, high compressive strength, low thermal conductivity, low moisture absorption, durability and machinability.
Thermalate H320 Physical Properties
Size 3' X 6', 4' X 5' & 4' X 8' sheets in thicknesses from 1/4" to 2"
Thickness Tolerance +/- .005 in (available +/- .002)
Operating Temperature 450º F
Compressive Strength
ASTM D-695
23,400 psi @ 300º F 16,100 psi @ 400º F
Impact Strength 10 IZOD ft.lbs/in. notch
Thermal Conductivity

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Thermalate is a registered trademark of Haysite Reinforced Plastics

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