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Transite 1000

A high-density, non-asbestos board used in a wide variety of applications where a combination of high strength, thermal stability, electrical insulation or machinability is required.

Transite 1000 Typical Applications
Here is just a partial listing of the variety of uses Transite 1000 can fulfill:

High Strength
Load-bearing gaskets, spacers and supports; press plates; machine guards; laboratory benchtops and fume hood linings.

Busbar supports; transformer spacers; terminal boxes and strips; electrical coil supports; arc shields; collars and bushings; aluminum pot insulation; steel arm insulators; and component mounting plates. 

Foundry core plates; induction and muffle furnace walls; industrial and baking oven shelving; soldering plates; splash guards; and welding shields.

Transite 1000 Product Downloads

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